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Creaciones Intimas Xiomi S.A. is a Costa Rican company, located in the pretty city of Alajuela, Costa Rica, C.A.



Urbanización la Trinidad, from "Súper Favorito" 150 m south.  Alajuela, Costa Rica.
You will find a Sign with the text: "Creaciones Íntimas Xiomi S.A"
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Phone. (506) 2430-6736 / Fax: (506) 2443-8645   P.O. BOX: 819-4050
You can also locate us in HEREDIA: of the Courts of Justice, 125 meters to the east, in the Plaza Cibeles Mall, No. 1 Local  Phone: (506) 2260-6874 
We have dealers located in:
  • Siquirres, Guápiles, Guácimo y Cartago


We offer an special price for distribuiting companies and dealers.


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We have great variety of styles: In fittings, colors and designs´ intimate clothes for women and men. As well as Dresses of Swinwear, Babydolls, bodies and a lot of more.  
A detail becomes intimate for your body....









Xiomi CORP. is domiciled in the city of Alajuela and it arose like a Family Company since January of 1997, being devoted to the Production of Intimate Clothes for Ladies with an exclusive mark "XIOMI", which is legally registered for a 99 year-old period; at the moment the mark is very grateful at National and International level, on October 25th, 2000, the Company becomes Anonymous Society.



Now our company has a personnel of 12 people in the production area, and 5 people in the administrative area, most of our personnel receives weekly chats of quality. All they have experience of more than 15 years in the elaboration of Intimate Clothes.

 Denominated by the Government like a "Company of Medium Industry".

At International level we have been selected:

1) for the IDB (Business Initiative Directions) which is formed by a group of companies and noted professionals, where they decided in the year 2002 in their 27º International Contest of Europe, to grant us the Reward “it SHATTERS INTERNATIONAL TO THE QUALITY” in the category “I PRAY” to Intimate Creations Xiomi CORP.

2) in the year 2004, The Committee of Selection of the XXXIV INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR BUSINESS LEADERSHIP & PRESTIGE (Leadership and Managerial Prestige), instituted by their editorial group in collaboration with the TRADE LEADERS´CLUB he/she chose to Intimate Creations Xiomi CORP. to grant him the Trophy in the present edition. Decision based on the information facilitated by the 7,000 members of the TRADE LEADERS´CLUB, coming from 112 countries. This prize was created to distinguish to those companies of all the countries that had stood out in the last year for the prestige and leadership in its performance environment, gotten thanks to the quality of its products and services.



In the present, Xiomi CORP. sells its products in the local market with an excellent wallet of clients wholesalers that you/they distribute our products directly to the consumer, reason for which we are quite competitive in what refers to prices and quality, the middleman's costs are eliminated since.

And in the environment of the exports we are distributing our products in Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala and Nicaragua.


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